Still Life Orchids And Lace by Clare Knight

ARTIST NOTES: A still scene of perfect white orchards on contrasting black lace. The lace folds and pleats in the background, subtle shades of blacks create a rich texture. The reflective golden glow of the table top shines upwards. A masterpiece that would make a statement in a large home.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 79.00 cm X Width - 65.00 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Oil on Canvas Board
GENRE Still Life
REGISTERED NRN # 000-36727-0149-01
COPYRIGHT © Clare Knight
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Artist: Clare Knight


Nature, Textiles, Fashion, Flowers, Circus and Vintage toys. I document things that I see that interest me. Whether I am travelling, visting a garden or in a store. I capture textures, worn edges, carved decorative edges and combine them into artworks. I love to paint in oils, the buttery texture is expressive and rich. I also enjoy going back to where the passion for art began, drawing.

I graduated Textile Design, RMIT in 2008. Since then I have worked as a designer, and five years ago started my studio practice of painting. I have grown up around art, my father Robert Knight and I discuss art regularly.

My favourite part of painting is capturing light and shadow. It is an elusive language that does not make sense when spoken about, yet if you trust the reference material, a full figure will emerge on your media. I enjoy the colours between two contrasts, the colour between green and pink, between salmon and blue. This is what makes an artwork interesting to me.


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