Off The Point, Port Vincent by Elinor Alexander

ARTIST NOTES: I was walking on the back beach at Port Vincent on Yorke Peninsula after lunch on a hot summer day. The tide was out and the broad sand flat was almost deserted in the heat, despite the multitude of holidaymakers in town. Seaweed lay in desiccated heaps on the beach, making a satisfying crunch and crackle as I walked over them. The intense sun, high in the sky, bleached the scene out. Land, sea and sky seemed to be torn apart by the heat and a mirage had formed over the sea. Yachts were racing offshore and people were fishing for gar from their boat off the point, but they all seemed to be floating above the sea. I wanted this painting to capture the experience of that walk on a very hot day at Port Vincent and the way the heat shimmer tore up the scene.


DIMENSIONS (Height - 60.00 cm X Width - 90.00 cm )
GENRE Seascape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-39387-0135-01
COPYRIGHT © Elinor Alexander
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Artist: Elinor Alexander


Elinor Alexander has completed first and second year drawing and painting (tonal realism and non-representational painting) subjects, studying part time at Adelaide Central School of Art in the mid 2000s. As a geologist, Elinor is deeply interested in exploring the landscape around us scientifically and also through painting and drawing. She has studied the geology of Cambrian outcrops on Fleurieu and Yorke Peninsulas and in the Flinders Ranges and these regions also form a deep source of artistic inspiration.

She won the Merit Award for a recognisable Yorke Peninsula Subject at the 2012 Yorke Peninsula Art Exhibition and was a finalist in the 2013 Fleurieu Exhibition. Elinor was a finalist in the 2016 Waterhouse with a work entitled  “It was once thought oceans were so vast they could not be affected by humans”.

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